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The culture of work at Stovekraft is one of passion, ambition, and efficiency. Our employees at all the levels are committed and passionate towards the work they do, which makes the workplace exciting and productive at the same time. We strive to create an informal atmosphere of work where bureaucracy is cut down to the extent of nonexistence. A problem-centric review structure is followed, that ensures the addressal of problems in real time. Everyone at Stovekraft is driven by an indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship with the ultimate aim of building a 'Business of Businesses'.

Call it love-for-the-trade or call it obsession, we are passionate towards what we do, which is the source of our commitment. This makes for an environment of work that is equally exciting and productive.
We are driven by an indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship and constantly focus on breeding new entrepreneurs. From the very first day, the ultimate vision of building a ’Business of Businesses’ is inculcated in us.
StoveKraft is home to the self-initiated. We employ and groom those who are delivery-oriented, pursue excellence and share our vision of becoming industry leaders. Every member of the StoveKraft family holds the potential to be a future leader.
We believe that true wealth resides in knowledge, experience and the professional skills of our employees. We constantly strive to increase our intellectual capital and knowledge-sharing sessions are actively encouraged. Our training is also focused on functional skills like IT, Sales and Manufacturing.
When it comes to our attitude, we believe in what we call 'The StoveKraft Way' of doing things, which refers to our unique way of approaching problems in various functions. The very innovation that we re-discover everyday through this approach has been the source of our evolution through the years.
The safety of our employees has always been one of our primary concerns. We take every possible measure to ensure safety in all operational areas. Safety and other compliance training activities are conducted regularly to help employees understand and embrace proper safety procedures.
We value efficiency and productivity more than convention. Hence, we strive to create an atmosphere of work that is informal and transparent; where bureaucracy is cut down to the extent of non-existence. We follow a problem centered review structure so that business problems are addressed in real time.
We believe in maintaining cordial relations at the workplace. We work with a social and equitable approach that ensures healthy professional relations, between both internal and external peers.
We take time to celebrate our spirit of togetherness, often creating opportunities for our employees to come together and participate in various cultural and sporting events. This, we believe helps us embrace Stovekraft’s belief in staying and working together as one family.

We are looking for people who are equally entrepreneurial and enthusiastic to take on any role. We need aspirants who can absorb and dissipate knowledge at every stage and contribute significantly to the growth of Stovekraft Limited. Working with us will allow you to showcase your abilities while working in a highly dynamic environment and evolve with the organization.

Below are the current job openings in the company:


Don't be disheartened if you don't find anything suitable. Submit your details to executive.hire@stovekraft.com and we will notify you whenever we will have something to offer. All the best!